Mill Plants Equipments

Mill Plants

AEIPL is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of RAW MILL, BOWL MILL, COAL MILL Spare parts made of Carbon and Alloy Steel, Wear Resistance Cast Iron and Steel Casting, Copper-based Phos. Bronze, Gun Metal, Brass, Nickel Alloy, Mild & Stainless Steel & Fabrication.
We are developing the spares as per the client sample and drawing. Spares developed by AEIPL is very well suited for the client application and it will work without any technical defect.

For the accurate spares, AEIPL request client to provide the exact sample of the product required or Drawing of the product construction of materials.

AEIPL with young energetic Professionals with a wide expertise in the field of Thermal Power Plant Spare, Cement Plant Spares, Mechanical & Engineering Spares.


Mill Bottom Cover Plate, Gear Housing cover and bearing supports., Oil pump Bush , Oil Pump Hub, retainer ring, thrust bearing spring, for Mill Plant, Pinion Shaft, Trunion Shaft, Hot air gate and seals, Inner Cone with ceramic tiles, Damper Gate, Elliptical Chute, Mill reject gate & shaft assembly, Mil side inspection door frame with nihard liners , Straight coal pipe, grinding roll keeper plate. Reach Rods for air and oil nozzle. Coal bunker gate guide roller assembly. Kicker block.